Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Strange Pink Cross Named Dominique

by Chris Chaos

On the corner of Myers Ave and Route 73 in Winslow Township you will come across a peculiar pink cross with the name DOMINIQUE emblazoned across it. Over the last few years I have driven past it many times and wondered who it immortalized and what circumstances occurred for it to be erected. Eventually I took to the internet to start researching what the story was behind this pink cross.

***NOTE*** Some details and names were left out to protect the parties involved.

The facts pulled from various news sources were: On April 5th, 2008 Dominique Dezii was tragically killed when an ATV, on which she was a passenger, was struck by a car in Winslow Township NJ.

The news reports are a dime a dozen, people are sadly killed in accidents everyday. So who was this Dominique? For this, you have to dig a little deeper. She was more than just another statistic and a memorial on the side of the road. Dominique was an 8th grader in Winslow Middle School and participated on the town's softball and field hockey teams. The teams that she played on were the Winslow Mayhem and South Jersey Bandits for softball and the Winslow Eagles for hockey.

Her friends and family had this to say about her:
"Even at her young age Dominique was an inspiration to all who knew her. Quick with a smile and always comforting to those she loved, she made the world a better place."

The incident happened in April of 2008 when Dominique and two of her friends (Amber Napoli, 15 and the unidentified male driver) were traveling on an ATV. At the time of the accident a 16 year old boy (identity withheld) was driving when the ATV was on Myers ave and the boy saw a police cruiser, got scared and sped away. The boy ran the red light at the intersection of Myers and Route 73 and a Nissan Altima hit the ATV as they attempted to cross traffic. None of the three passengers on the ATV were wearing helmets and Dominique was killed on impact and another female passenger was injured.

Dominique's mother did not fault the boy as it obviously was not intentional and he has been friends with her daughter for some time. Initially the boy was to receive vehicular-homicide charges, but later in court he was placed on probation, would not be able to get his license until he turned 18 and received mandatory counseling.

Additional charges brought up by the Winslow police were: Operating the ATV without the headlights on, carrying passengers on a vehicle not designed to carry passengers, operating a vehicle not meant to be operated on public roads, none of the teens were wearing a helmet, the ATV was not registered or insured, reckless driving, failure to observe a traffic signal.

Hopefully this information will shed a little light onto what many have questioned: Who was this Dominique and why is this cross on the side of 73? So the next time you see it, be sure and wave and say hello.

Here is a personal webpage that Dominique had:
 Dom's Personal Page

The Dominique Facebook Tribute Page:
Dom's Tribute Page

(Chris Chaos is a long time resident of South Jersey who once again resides in and writes from Gloucester City, New Jersey. He is a filmmaker, a business owner, writer, urban explorer and investigator of the odd and weird, a proud parent, happily taken and a connoisseur of hot wings. Chris can be reached at

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Developmental Delays, Von Economo Cells

by Chris Chaos
The Human Brain
Developmental Delay: the condition of a child being less developed mentally or physically than is normal for its age. A combination of Autism, Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Tourettes Syndrome, OCD, dyspraxia or dyslexia.

Here we will explore the various developmental delays, the possible causes, the indicators and other ways to treat them alternative to medications.

Delay: impede the process or progress of; retard; hinder....

When related to the growth of a child this is alarming; anything that could be a roadblock to the properly forming body and brain. In today's industrialized world of quick fixes, microwaved meals, instant gratification, plastic fork, disposable plate and throwaway culture, logic and reason are tossed aside in the interest of convenience, replace-ability and ease.

Fast Food Culture
If you pass an unhealthy fast food restaurant around lunch time or dinner time you will see lines in the ease of use drive thru..and yet you will still see people complaining over the wait times. Think back to your grandparents time when they took the time to shop each and everyday for fresh and healthy foods not contaminated by additives, sodium, fats and other detrimental ingredients. The trade off for the modern human is the ease and convenience to practically eat anything they want at anytime they the expense of their health.

At the time of this writing (2016) the average American is very stressed at the economy, the price of commodities, lack of job prospects and the discomfort of seeking higher education. People turn to distractions to sway their attention from the negatives of modern adult life and they are usually highly unhealthy and detrimental to their health. Some turn to video games, smoking cigarettes/pot, eating sweets or to more harsh activities like sex, drugs, excessive drinking of alcohol or any other enterprise that if done in excess is harmful.

Keeping with all the above in mind and knowing how toxic it can be to the human body, if any of the mentioned activities were to find their way into a growing infant or child's body, it would wreak havoc much more than in an adult who is fully grown or already in decline. If insufficient vitamins and nutrients are not reaching a growing child's mind or body, it may not form correctly.

Over the course of many years a handful of animals evolved from standing and walking on four legs to using only two legs. The remaining two legs began to be utilized to perform other tasks and an opposable thumb developed, these legs then became know as hands. Animals that truly stand on two feet are called bipeds. Humans, primates and birds had to expand their body parts, muscles and organs to make the upright position work, the neocortex, new brain developed out of the the reptilian brain, the old brain being the  brain-stem and cerebellum, i.e. archeo cortex. In addition to standing upright, this caused the pelvis in humans to shrink.
Neocortex, Limic Brain, Reptilian Brain

Human fetuses should optimally stay in the womb and be birthed in the 21st month as opposed to being prematurely birthed in the 9th month. A baby experiencing birth prior to the 9 month mark will come into undo stress to the developing nervous system. The obvious issue with a baby being born in the 21st month is that the babies head would be too large to be birthed through the existing hips and birth canal. At birth the human brain is 350cc and will grow to 1400cc in adulthood. Because of this early birth schedule quite a few things can negatively occur while the brain still is forming and being nurtured outside of the womb (juvenilization). This is when some of the symptoms can first appear. (Autism, ADHD, ADD, Tourettes Syndrome, OCD, dyspraxia and dyslexia) Genetic predispositions can come into play also, if passed from the mother there is a 30% chance, but a 70% chance if from the father, it is a genetic probability but not certain.
Agouti Mice

DNA is not a destiny, check out some studies on agouti mice, when changing the diet it is possible to change their death from cancer/diabetes end result. Diet can change the way genes express themselves.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


by Chris Chaos

An interesting video has gone viral that depicts President Obama giving a speech to a room full of people, as he stands in the middle and in it he finally admits what many people have accused him of…that he is Kenyan! Or so they would like you to believe, then question, confuse and muddle.

The original full video  (link provided at the bottom of this page) was recorded on April 7, 2009 with a run time of 44:41. On President Obama's last day in Europe he was addressing students in Turkey at the Tophane Cultural Center in Istanbul. Most of the population in attendance was Muslim and Obama was discussing some of the issues between America and the Muslim world over the last few years.

Now if you observe the video in question, (link also provided at the bottom of page)  you will note how the quality of the video is very poor, the camera keeps cropping out the top of Obama's head, the odd angles and other nuisances. This is because the video went through a crafty editing session, the footage was actually recorded off of a television screen with a video camera and then carefully assembled into the version that is being circulated. Some of the audio was taken from other sources and edited into this new version of the video.

One of the memes that mocks Obama

This video was purposely and sloppily edited so even the most low information viewer could see how blatantly doctored it is. With that impression, the average person will with no further research and seeing this is obviously fake, the viewer will then conclude that Obama is truly an American, not born in Kenya and is not Muslim. Obama’s supporters will point out the fact that it is fake and make any true truth look false with such compelling evidence. Brilliant manipulate of peoples lack of investigating topics and claims further. Along with all the talk of Obama not being an American natural born citizen, a new term has been coined in contempt by people on the left to refer to people that believe this: Birthers.

Many of the Leftists are all over this video pointing out how it is blatantly fake (which it is) and pushed by “racist anti-Obama-er Birthers”…..further solidifying their arguments and closing the case. But the interesting twist is that this video was edited and promoted behind the scenes as an “anti-Obama-er racist Birther” production, yet a pro "Obama-er"  is the one that intentionally edited this sloppy video on purpose to throw a cog into the machine and make one side look worse than the other. The ones responsible for this video are members of The Weathermen, a group revived recently and grew out of the Revolutionary Youth Movement faction of Students for a Democratic Society. (Please do your own background fact finding on these groups and their activities, they are well documented)

This video is similar in concept to the white female teenage girl that falsely claims that a black man raped her to cover up her romantic involvement and pregnancy from her black boyfriend to her disapproving father. Or the infamous southern black churches that set fire to their own church for insurance money and then blaming it on the KKK for sympathy. Or the Rabbi that spray paints a swastika on his synagogue and blames it on local skinheads.

Sadly many of the people who either dislike Obama or the individuals that feel that he is truly un-American are clinging to this video as SOLID proof that the President is Kenyan, un-American and was not born in the USA.  They are citing this video as their SOLID proof and this further tests and confirms the gullibility; the lack of fact checking and investigating that one side has against the other.

On the flip side many of the far leftists/Communist are blaming racists, Conservatives, Republicans for editing this video to make it look like Obama is admitting something that is false. It is a blame game and manipulation of modern media, emotions, lack of fact checking abilities of the general American public

Now here is the link to the video, go watch it and make your own decision:
Obama Admits that he is Kenyan

and here is the original from the White House website:
Official/Original White House video

and on Youtube:
Youtube Copy

here is the official White House  transcript from the video:
The White House Transcript

We provided you with the info, now it is up to you to review all the information and form your own opinion. Feel free to voice your opinion in the comment section but please be civil regardless of what side of the fence you sit in regards to Barrack Obama.

(Chris Chaos is a long time resident of South Jersey who once again resides in and writes from Gloucester City, New Jersey. He is a filmmaker, a business owner, writer, urban explorer and investigator of the odd and weird, a proud parent, happily taken and a connoisseur of hot wings. Chris can be reached at

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Kuleshov Effect... (film) Editing's most powerful tool.

by Chris Chaos

Editing's most powerful tool.

Named after Lev Kuleshov, [1] The Kuleshov Effect, this was a huge moment for cinema, with Kuleshov declaring montage to be the central principle that defines film as an art on its own.

The Kuleshov Effect is a film editing (montage) effect demonstrated by Soviet filmmaker Lev Kuleshov in the 1910s and 1920s. It is a mental phenomenon by which viewers derive more meaning from the interaction of two sequential shots than from a single shot in isolation.

Interesting how this must be explained to the up and coming film makers when explaining how manipulation in the press is conducted.


Still comes down to good old manipulation concerning the meaning of multiple shots strung in a predetermined meaning...just as intended by the editor.

                                           Hitchcock explains the Kuleshov effect

Lev Kuleshov on the origins of the "Kuleshov effect"

Now for the political take:

Media can change the tone and the audience for a news story by following it by a combination of the 4 followed photos. You can play on people's emotions and political naivety  with a photo..because it speaks a thousand words.

President Obama Laughing

Former President Bush Laughing
President Obama Crying 

Former President Bush Crying

The story can be anything, but lets make up a fake scenario. (Once again, these are MADE up examples and are NOT real)

The Liberal Example:
A liberal news station, MSNBC dislikes Bush and wishes to show him in a bad light. So they may run a story concerning the misfortune of a famous liberal...then they will cut to video or a picture of Bush laughing..

.....then cut to a picture of Obama crying to show his concern.

The Conservative Example:

A Conservative website, Breitbart, may report on the injury of one of Bush's family members, it would then cut to a video or photo of Bush looking sad

 and then to build contempt for liberals, cut to a video/photo of Obama laughing.


(Chris Chaos is a long time resident of South Jersey who once again resides in and writes from Gloucester City, New Jersey. He is a filmmaker, a business owner, writer, urban explorer and investigator of the odd and weird, a proud parent, happily taken and a connoisseur of hot wings. Chris can be reached at

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Cursed Haddon Lake and Surrounding Areas

by Chris Chaos
The covers of the three Cursed books

This location and the incidents of Haddon Lake were the inspiration for the book and video series entitled "Cursed", as of this article there have been three editions published. The lake and many location adjacent to the lake itself have been plagued in such a way that many feel that the area is cursed. The lake itself was the dumping grounds and location where over the years several bodies were found. The McDonald's located along the Blackhorse Pike is the location where a distraught man attempted to commit suicide by driving his car nearly 100 MPH down down Prospect Ridge Blvd and ramming it into the building. Sadly, three McDonald workers died that day and the man attempting suicide lived, go figure.
The mouth of Haddon Lake

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Was There a Satanic Murder at Batsto NJ?

by Chris Chaos

The bloody shorts, shirt, shoes, Barbie doll and note

The date was October 18th 2015, a brisk chilly Fall day with a temperature of about 55 degrees. Something heinous took place during the overnight hours at this historic location. The last time something this horrific occurred here was back in 1993. (1)

We were alerted to a possible murder of a baby in Batsto NJ, a hiker found a baby's white shirt (size 0-3 months), pants and booties covered in blood along with a letter addressed to "My Lord" claiming the child as a "sacrifice". A Barbie doll was found alongside the bloody clothing but no human body was found.

We were initially contacted because some people (wrongfully) speculated that this may have been Jersey Devil connected. But obviously JD would not have had access to a printer to leave behind the letter, nor has he been known to kill little infants.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pizza....the Amazing Vegetable...err Fruit.

by Chris Chaos
Tomato..vegetable or fruit? tablespoons of tomato paste.....subsidized I fixed it....Idiocracy. [1]
Yeah, this was a wonderful exercise in lobbying. This affects subsidized lunches in schools

Congress has to go through the lobbyists before reaching the voters

Back in 2011 the Agricultural Department proposed some changes to the school lunch program, they wanted to limit the use of potatoes, sodium and delay a requirement to boost whole grains. Congress did bend to the will of the food lobbyists to keep tomato paste as a vegetable modifying the serving amount. The bill also allows the tomato paste that is used on pizza to be counted as a vegetable, ironically since tomatoes are actually a fruit. [2]

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

An Interview with FOX TV Concerning the Fairview/Edgewater Tunnels

Conducted by Sibile Marcellus
Reporter, Chasing News, Fox

In early 2016 I was contacted by Sibile from Chasing News to provide an interview for a story that she was reporting on for a segment to be aired on Fox News. Here is a transcript of the interview along with the original story that i did concerning the tunnel.

The abandoned railroad tunnels, Fairview/Edgewater
Entrance to the tunnel

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Vampire? Grey? Man in Black? Reptilian Shape Shifter? What was that?

by Chris Chaos

Original video of the "Savannah Vampire"

This video surfaced of a supposed man walking in front of a mirror and casting no reflection. The location is labeled as a flipflop store in Savannah and was videotaped off of the stores CCTV monitor. The video was 1st uploaded to Youtube in approx 2013 and has been linked to a TV show called THE HAPPENING..
The never ending conspiracy of shape shifters in power

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Mysterious Creature from Arizona

 by Chris Chaos

Many people are ignorant of science due to the fact that when they were in high school, science and math were usually deemed either the harder or the nerdier of the required courses. Many students did just enough to pass and dreamed of after school activities that were in no way, shape or form academic.

Over the last few years paranormal and ghost reality TV shows gained in popularity and took advantage of the gullible audiences lack of scientific understanding. Dust and camera defects became orbs, random noises and Ghostboxes manufactured E.V.P.s and tools used in other industries for specific purposes became favorites of want to be ghost hunters. The theories and practices of these tools and concepts had no bearing and are at the mercy of interpretation of the inexperienced user.

In the past, before the popularity of the internet, most information of academia was controlled, filtered and peer reviewed to check and insure for quality prior to being dispensed to the public, but in modern times and the rise of the internet and computer age any, and I do mean anyone can create a blog and build a following of people eager to believe whatever is being distributed. It is more comprised of science fiction as opposed to actual science.

A strange creature was found in Arizona by a man who contacted Todd Ray of the show Venice Beach Freak Show. After conversing for a bit Todd thought the man was going to send him photos of this creature but the actual animal was mailed.

"I don't want to call it an alien, but it's definitely alien in form." Todd Ray

Since Todd holds a Guinness World Record for his collection of two headed animals, we must not take his statement lightly that this is the weirdest thing that he has ever seen. It must be difficult for Todd to see "weird things" that continue to impress him since his daily business specializes in ..."weird".

"It's about a foot long and has gill-like ear things below the head. It's got weird eyes and something out of its mouth that looks like a fleshy fang..." Todd Ray

"I was contacted not long ago by a man from Arizona who said he had found a very strange creature in his yard. He told me it looked like it had gills under the head and that something was "growing out of it's head like a flesh antennae!" He was spooked by it and said that he believed this belong with me at the Freakshow. I told him that I would love to see it and I gave him my email. I thought he would send photos, but he never did. A few weeks later, a box showed up at the Freakshow with the creature in a jar of alcohol. This is the creature he told me about and it is STRANGER than I could have imagined……it is truly the Most Alien Creature I have ever seen in my life. Let me know what you think it is… is a mystery to everyone who sees it in person." Todd Ray

While researching background information for this piece, I contacted a few people to pick their brains to see what their opinion of this creature is.

Although the speculation concerning the thoughts and origins of this being varies many concur that it is either the fetus of a:

Fetal Pig in amniotic sac

Several minute old elephant calf

".....It looks to me like the skin has detached from the musculature and kind of shrunk back over the skull so that the face can be seen in the mouth." Dave Dorris

Elephant Fetus

 Cookie Cutter Shark

Scott Mardis (The Ayatollah of Plesiosaurs and specializes in marine biology) suggested that it could possibly be a shark and referenced the photos. "If it's a real animal, it looks like a deformed shark fetus to me. There is an obscure little shark with baggy skin like that. The Cookie Cutter Shark."

"Sharks have sexual organs called claspers that can sometimes look like legs with feet." stated Scott Mardis. So it might be possible if the shark was deformed, the "legs" barely seen in the video/photos may be claspers.

Many people did come to the same conclusion, they think that it is some sort of shark.
"No expert here. But too me it looks like a deep sea shark. As for the two toned skin color. When these things are brought up from the deep the difference in pressure might cause the body to become exaggerated or deformed. Maybe it's a sac that when deep under water has a function, but out of water and in a different pressure looks weird. The big eyes also to me give it away as a deep sea creature." Susen Freemyers

Others were thinking more along the lines of a land dwelling mammal. "...a fetal bear still in the amniotic sac." The vast majority of the suggestion as to what the species of this bizarre creature was centered around it being either a fetus or a deformity.

"It could certainly be an aborted/malformed fetus of any number of species but it appears to be an amalgam of different tissues, I can't help but notice that the tissue in the head appears to be embedded in the large "piece" around it (and does not match in consistency or color), eyes and body do not appear to be from the same source as the facial tissue." Cristina Simmons of the San Diego Zoo

Polar Bear fetus

Others had to explore the option that it could have been fake due to the fact that over the years there have been many. In today's age, a special effects person could possibly conjure up a monster up to par and quality of any creature feature that you may see at the movies.
"Silly putty molded into whatever he thinks people will believe." Brenda Hopton

Others even suggested the below.. as a joke.


Nibblonian from Futurama

"It's my mother inlaw!" exclaimed Bob Dunmire

A video concerning the creature from VeniceBeachFreakshow

Ray is willing to get a DNA test conducted on this animal...that way we can get a definite answer as to what this mass of cells are. If a DNA test is conducted and the animal is identified, we will update the article.

(Chris Chaos is a long time resident of South Jersey who once again resides in and writes from Gloucester City, New Jersey. He is a filmmaker, a business owner, writer, urban explorer and investigator of the odd and weird, a proud parent, happily taken and a connoisseur of hot wings. Chris can be reached at

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Scotophobin, Fear, Memories and The Mandela Effect


by Chris Chaos

Is memory chemically based? What causes fear? Is there a way to forget a memory or a fear all together?

Scotophobin: a peptide produced in the brain of laboratory rats conditioned to have a fear of darkness: it is claimed that such a fear may be transferred to unconditioned rats by injection of the peptide, thus providing evidence for the theory that memory has a chemical basis.
Master Splinter post amygdala lesion

The fear of the dark is a common fear or phobia among children and, to a varying degree, of adults. Fear of the dark is usually not fear of darkness itself, but fear of possible or imagined dangers concealed by darkness. Some degree of fear of the dark is natural, especially as a phase of child development. Most observers report that fear of the dark seldom appears before the age of 2 years. When fear of the dark reaches a degree that is severe enough to be considered pathological, it is sometimes called achluophobia or nyctophobia

Some researchers, beginning with Sigmund Freud, consider the fear of the dark as a manifestation of separation anxiety disorder.

An alternate theory was posited in the 1960s, when scientists conducted experiments in a search for molecules responsible for memory. In one experiment, rats, normally nocturnal animals, were conditioned to fear the dark and a substance called "scotophobin" was supposedly extracted from the rats' brains; this substance was claimed to be responsible for remembering this fear.

Human Memory

Scientists have been busy conducting research and conducting experiments on the brain, memories and the erasing of memories. The University of California in San Diego, conducted experiments where they would shine light on areas of the brain to erase memories in the brain and bring them back. " We can form a memory, erase that memory and can reactivate it, at will, by applying a stimulus that selectively strengthens or weakens synaptic connections."
An emerging science called optogenetics is born.. An inception moment is realized.