Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Was There a Satanic Murder at Batsto NJ?

by Chris Chaos

The bloody shorts, shirt, shoes, Barbie doll and note

The date was October 18th 2015, a brisk chilly Fall day with a temperature of about 55 degrees. Something heinous took place during the overnight hours at this historic location. The last time something this horrific occurred here was back in 1993. (1)

We were alerted to a possible murder of a baby in Batsto NJ, a hiker found a baby's white shirt (size 0-3 months), pants and booties covered in blood along with a letter addressed to "My Lord" claiming the child as a "sacrifice". A Barbie doll was found alongside the bloody clothing but no human body was found.

We were initially contacted because some people (wrongfully) speculated that this may have been Jersey Devil connected. But obviously JD would not have had access to a printer to leave behind the letter, nor has he been known to kill little infants.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pizza....the Amazing Vegetable...err Fruit.

by Chris Chaos
Tomato..vegetable or fruit? tablespoons of tomato paste.....subsidized I fixed it....Idiocracy. [1]
Yeah, this was a wonderful exercise in lobbying. This affects subsidized lunches in schools

Congress has to go through the lobbyists before reaching the voters

Back in 2011 the Agricultural Department proposed some changes to the school lunch program, they wanted to limit the use of potatoes, sodium and delay a requirement to boost whole grains. Congress did bend to the will of the food lobbyists to keep tomato paste as a vegetable modifying the serving amount. The bill also allows the tomato paste that is used on pizza to be counted as a vegetable, ironically since tomatoes are actually a fruit. [2]

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

An Interview with FOX TV Concerning the Fairview/Edgewater Tunnels

Conducted by Sibile Marcellus
Reporter, Chasing News, Fox

In early 2016 I was contacted by Sibile from Chasing News to provide an interview for a story that she was reporting on for a segment to be aired on Fox News. Here is a transcript of the interview along with the original story that i did concerning the tunnel.

The abandoned railroad tunnels, Fairview/Edgewater
Entrance to the tunnel