Thursday, January 28, 2016

Loud Booms Heard Around the World: What are they?

by Chris Chaos

In the summer months of 2012 we kept hearing these weird noises outside. It was after midnight, summer and the windows were open, so it was slightly quieter since most people were sleeping. The sound was a mix of a boom, a warble and some kind of hum, similar to the sounds made by the alien ships in the movie "The War of the Worlds". For the 1st week of hearing these strange noises I just assumed that it was the ships down on the docks at Philly (Delaware River) since they are literally only two blocks from my house. But my curiosity got the best of me and when I did a little more investigating I realized that the sounds were not coming from the direction of the ports, they seemed to be all over, and not in the echo way.

War of the Worlds

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Humanists and Groupthink

by Chris Chaos
The Happy Human logo

Interesting...over the last 2 weeks I have seen two so called (self labeled) "Humanists"[1] refer to a black man that does not fit traditional stereotypes as an Uncle Tom [2]. Now these two people that I am referring to were white; usually the term Uncle Tom is reserved for blacks to out a fellow black for not being "black enough", the equivalent of white guilt for whites.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fake Receipt Comments and Reverse (Backdoor) Marketing Techniques: An Interview with a Public Relations Firm

by Chris Chaos

For our first in a series of hard hitting reality news stories, FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE, we are investigating the claim that many of the news stories concerning a patron leaving a harsh, racist or insensitive comment on a receipt instead of a tip are either false, made up or socially engineered. We secured an interview with the head of a Delaware based Public Relations Marketing firm that states the majority of the stories are in truth the product of backdoor public relations. For obvious reasons the person being interviewed wished to remain anonymous, so she will be referred to by as "Mary".

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

THE HANGING TREE: Presidential Lakes, New Jersey

by Chris Chaos

The Hanging Tree

The Legend: There is an evil place in the backwoods of New Jersey where many people have
died....ummm I mean have been murdered. The area is slowly being developed as it only recently has been paved. The Hanging Tree (formerly known as the "Nigger Tree") was used in hundreds if not
thousands of hangings. Yes, NJ was a "free state", but not everyone went by the laws and instead
followed the rules of the land. Slavery in the Americas ran from 1619 to 1863 and this area has
seen its share of lynchings. (NJ abolished slavery in 1804) The slaves in NJ consisted of
Africans, West Indies and Native Americans from the Carolinas.