Saturday, February 14, 2015

Point of View, Opinions, Threshold and Bad Taste

by Chris Chaos

The other day I was having a conversation about bands, album covers, logos and band names. The band ANAL CUNT ( came up and if you know who they are you either love them or hate them. They were an extreme metal grindcore band that mocked all those around them. They were EXTREMELY offensive...on purpose..and they would intentionally send their albums to reviewers just to get the bad reviews and press. Anal Cunt was a morbid joke band and the man behind the band was Seth Putnam (May 15, 1968 – June 11, 2011).

Sadly on June 11, 2011, Putnam died of a suspected heart attack at the age of 43.

Here are some samples so you can get a feel for their music...but you will have to Google search for the lyrics:

"I Just Lit Your Baby on Fire"

Defenders of Hate Full album:

In the mid 1990's I had the pleasure of speaking to Seth several times through one of his side bands, "Vaginal Jesus", he was a really funny guy and I could see where he gleamed the content for his songs. Before I knew the various bands that Seth was in I questioned if he was in Vaginal Jesus and Anal Cunt, but him being the jokester never gave a straight answer.

Now back to the conversation mentioned at the beginning of this article....The other person in the conversation stated that Anal Cunt had some very offensive album covers and he could not understand how they chose to pick such a gruesome image as their logo to represent them. (The "A" for anal depicting a butthole and the "C" for cunt depicting a vagina)
While talking I noticed that he had a crucifix (A crucifix (from Latin cruci fixus meaning "(one) fixed to a cross") is an image of Jesus on the cross, as distinct from a bare cross. The representation of Jesus himself attached to the cross is referred to in English as the corpus (Latin for "body") around
his neck. I thought the image of a man nailed to a cross and left to die was not all that less gruesome than some of the images that the band Anal Cunt came up with. When this observation was brought to his attention, he thought for a moment, paused and then stated that it was very true. Perspective unveiled.

Normally this conversation would have ended up in a Social Parasite article, but since level headedness and no ignorance was presented, here it is. Mutual respect and understanding was gained.

Music is an acquired taste and subjective to the listener. The same goes for what is offensive, acceptable and in bad taste. Everyone has their limits, point of views, opinions and threshold as to what to classify things. The crucifix is a somewhat common sight to see in the modern world and many take it for granted without really thinking to the morbid visual image that it bears to a viewer. As goes for the blatant shock rockers of the world.

For more information concerning Anal Cunt and Seth Putnam:

Seth's side projects and former bands:
Vaginal Jesus
Angry Hate
Satan's Warriors
Impaled Northern Moonforest
Shit Scum
Full Blown A.I.D.S.
Death's Head Quartet
 including backing vocals on Pantera's The Great Southern Trendkill

(Chris Chaos is a long time resident of South Jersey who once again resides in and writes from Gloucester City, New Jersey. He is a filmmaker, a business owner, writer, urban explorer and investigator of the odd and weird, a proud parent, happily taken and a connoisseur of hot wings. Chris can be reached at

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