Wednesday, October 8, 2014


by Chris Chaos

This green house is located on Kings Highway in Mount Ephraim NJ has been historically dubbed as "creepy". Why you ask? Well for one this house has all its front windows lined with dull eyed porcelain dolls. The other fact is that no matter what time you drive past this house you will NEVER see a person outside nor do you ever see a light on at night time. Who lives here? How come you never see a light on or a sign of a person on the property? And most importantly, what is going on with all the dolls??? We can only speculate (based on info pulled from the tax records and Zillow) that an older couple or widow lives here.

UPDATE: Recently the house has been painted white, the dolls have been removed and the house is up for sale. We can only make assumptions as to what happened to the dolls and the previous owner(s).

But why speculate when we can find hard data through real estate transactions, tax records and death certificates. For privacy reasons I will leave out the previous and current owners info but public record states that the previous owner (1919 - 2011) passed in 2011 and the house was sold in 2012 to a new owner.

UPDATE: 7-17-14 We drove past fabled location last week and noticed that The Creepy Doll House of Mount Ephraim was painted/remodeled for a third time.

Pulled from Zillow:

12/06/12 Sold $99,900
04/11/74 Sold $33,000


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