Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Brief Thought on American and the World Citizens

by Chris Chaos

Over the years I have held various memberships and ranks that have members from international communities and have consistently notices quite a few constants. One that I was studying last night was a vast chasm between citizens of the United States and the citizens of other discussing various topics with an international audience the topic of professions and country that you reside in came up. Examining the various members it showed that the members that were not living in the United States held upper level positions: teachers, engineers, scientists, doctors etc..and many were from countries that might be considered third world. Now examining the citizens from the United States the vast majority were: unemployed, high school drop outs, or working a low level minimum wage job.

Bottom line in my discussions with the international platform is that most people in the US have their priorities misplaced in the pursuit of fun over education and stability, each wanting things but not willing to put forth effort to earn them. Another reason why most of the world's citizens dislike Americans and their sense of entitlement.
(Note to those that do not know me, I am a US citizen and do agree with what many of the internationals are saying)

Feel free to discuss, I would like to hear the input from the readers of this short thought.

Below is a response that I received when this short thought was posted to social media:

In the 1950s kids lost their innocence. They were liberated from their parents by well-paying jobs, cars, and lyrics in music that gave rise to a new term ---the generation gap.

In the 1960s, kids lost their authority. It was a decade of protest---church, state, and parents were all called into question and found wanting. Their authority was rejected, yet nothing ever replaced it.

In the 1970s, kids lost their love. It was the decade of me-ism dominated by hyphenated words beginning with self. Self-image, Self-esteem, Self-assertion....It made for a lonely world. Kids learned everything there was to know about sex and forgot everything there was to know about love, and no one had the nerve to tell them there was a difference.

In the 1980s, kids lost their hope. Stripped of innocence, authority and love and plagued by the horror of a nuclear nightmare, large and growing numbers of this generation stopped believing in the future.

In the 1990s kids lost their power to reason. Less and less were they taught the very basics of language, truth, and logic and they grew up with the irrationality of a postmodern world.

In the new millennium, kids woke up and found out that somewhere in the midst of all this change, they had lost their imagination. Violence and perversion entertained them till none could talk of killing innocents since none was innocent anymore.

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