Wednesday, July 9, 2014


by Chris Chaos

    Jd squirrel

The photo of what was thought to be the Jersey Devil (Photo Courtesy of Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation)

In the summer of 2013 there were news reports (and a photo!!) that supported that the Jersey Devil did exist. The photo made its rounds all over the internet, along with much speculation on what was depicted.

It is curious to note that the animal in the photo does not have wings as many popular renditions of the Jersey Devil portray him as possessing. Also this animal does not have cloven hooves as many eyewitnesses reported. That aside, to the casual photo gazer, the creature in this photo can appear pretty misleading.

A few months later, another photo taken at the same location and of the same creature, but from an alternative angle, surfaced.

Hairless-squirrel jersey devil

 Alternative angle of the hairless squirrel (Photo Courtesy of Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation)

This photo clearly showed what the creature was...a squirrel. Now this was either a hairless squirrel or one that suffered from mange or rabies (due to it lacking hair). But you could clearly see that it was a squirrel and not the Jersey Devil.

Also it came to light that the photo was taken in Oklahoma and not in New Jersey as originally reported. As a side note, the photo in question was also making the rounds as proof of the Chupacabra.

Here is a link to the video by Axis Video:

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