Wednesday, April 16, 2014

BACKYARD HOOLIGANS, Fighting and Wrestling

by Chris Chaos 

Back in the early 2000's I was in between film projects and looking for the next project to work on. So my business partner and myself put our heads together to think of what project to take on next. After running several ideas, we came up with a fighting themed video, a hybrid documentary/action that featured people fighting. Now we both hated wrestling and the mentality of the people that watched it, but we could tolerate UFC and other real outlets featuring two people fighting.

So we took to the internet in search of people that wished to star in our next action packed film. We really didn't have much of a direction in mind, so we went with the flow and shot gunned our ads in search of participants. One of our first responses was from a wrestling crew in the Mullica Hill, NJ area. They stated they had their own Backyard Wrestling federation, that they used weapons, had a professional ring in their backyard, assured us that all was real and they called themselves the ACW (Anarchy Championship Wrestling).

This all seemed too good to be true since the response was very quick and the information that they supplied sounded great for what we needed. Then came the kicker, they stated they were located on Breakneck Road..hmm, they bash skulls on Breakneck Road, did we just get scammed? So we quickly did a Google search and it came up as a real road in Mullica Hill, New Jersey. The history concerning the name of the road stated that it was historically a dangerous road where many people lost their lives in various car accidents.

I was still hesitant since it all seemed too good to be true. But we set off to see if this was all going to happen. We drove to the area and saw many ritzy houses and wonder who would tolerate this activity in their neighborhood. We reached the address and it looked like an old farm with a shack and several rundown vehicles sitting there. It looked to be a scene straight out of a WWE meeting in Alabama. The ring was there, so we know we had the right location.

We exited our cars and introduced ourselves as we see two people battling it out in the ring. After a few minutes they made their way over to us and introduced themselves as Reaper and Destruction. They then jump into a few matches so that we can film them. The day ends and we agree to meet up again in the future with some themed matches.

That night, after the matches, we brainstormed some crazy matches for them to compete in for our next round of filming. One we dubbed "The Outhouse Match" since they had an actual bonafide nasty outhouse with double portholes on their property. The rules were simple, battle it out and the loser gets their head dunked into the nastiness that lurks below. The aftermath and the stink was unbearable when the loser's head made contact with the poo, it actually made several people throw up. Then Pa came out all mad that his wooden throne was desecrated.

The second match was entitled, "The Breakfast Club". During the match we threw eggs at them and the loser was doused with a gallon of sticky syrup and then covered with feathers from a down pillow. Note that it was summer and bees were in full force. It made for an interesting variable.

The third match was called, "Fish Fight". We purchased the largest fish from the store and left it outside in the heat overnight to gain a real stink. While trying to figure out how to get the fish to stick to the fighters hands. as we didn't wish to touch it ourselves, so we made Reaper give the other wrestler a pep talk while duct taping the fish to his hands. Each time the fighters tried to punch each other, pieces of the fish would fly everywhere. As you can imagine and know, fish smells bad to begin with, just picture a fish after sitting in the sun all day and then brutally smashed into someones face. Yeah.

For the rest of the matches you will have to purchase the DVD:

Breakneck Wrestling

Chris Chaos is a long time resident of South Jersey who once again resides in and writes from Gloucester City, New Jersey.  He is a filmmaker, a business owner, writer, urban explorer and investigator of the odd and weird, has a black cat named Jynx, two rats: Hopping Heather and Climbing Carol, a proud parent, happily taken and a connoisseur of hot wings.

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