Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The Jersey Devil's Birth House

 The Jersey Devil's Birth House

On November 2nd, 2013 Kenneth Sooy Sr met up with us to provide  a detailed interview 

concerning the Jersey Devil. He is the town historian and proved to be a wealth of 

information concerning the legend and history of the Jersey Devil and the surrounding 

area. Ken is a descendant of the Shrouds and his wife is a Leeds.

We met at Scott's Landing Road in Leed's Point/Galloway area and conducted the interview 

at this location. Afterwards he showed us the location where the famous Shroud's House 

once stood. The house burned to the ground in 1952 and only a small "overgrown clearing" 


Afterwards he took us to a location in Smithville that is protected by development and we 

walked to a very old cemetery and then over to the lake where the cement foundations of a 

house still rests that burned in the 1950's. This location also has been claimed to be the 

birthplace of the Jersey Devil..on both the Leed's and the Shroud's side of the tree.

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