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Ghost Hunting, Paranormal Research and the Preservation of History Rich Locations

by Chris Chaos/
The Origin and Background of “CURSED”
Cused book A few years ago it was decided to produce a documentary and an accompanying book entitled “CURSED”, it was to be an exploration and documentation into abandoned buildings, investigation of supposed haunted locations, preservation of history, lore and documenting architectural wonders. 1st on the list was an exploration into the very cursed section of Haddon Heights, New Jersey. This location served jumping point for a few unsolved murders from many years ago near Haddon Lake, an attempted suicide where a man drove his car 100mph into a McDonalds killing several of its workers and where a transsexual accused of molesting neighborhood children had a shoot-out with the police when they came to serve a warrant. Then the CURSED project branched off into other locations that were in danger of being torn down and lost to modern memory that were shrouded in some sort of dark past. While researching and documenting we visited dozens of locations in the NJ and PA area researching the history and documenting through video, photo and writing up reports. Looking back many of the buildings have been torn down since then and something else was built in its place. We hope their legends can live on through CURSED.

 Some of the locations that we investigated were abandoned mental facilities, prisons, schools and hospitals. One thing that was noticed about many of the popular ghost hunting shows were the cast were lacking credibility, experience and knowledge on the backgrounds of the ghosts they were talking to...most were former mental patients or criminals..the celebrity ghost hunters also had no real world experience in dealing with these “formal people” (or people in general for that matter). I wished to expand my talents into the psychological field so I took a position with V.O.A. and Bancroft which deals with the criminally insane, people with brain/mental disorders, victims of crimes, atrocities and the like. With the training they provided and more exposure to the living people contrasted to and bled over into these abandoned buildings where I might encounter their ghostly counter parts. Learning how to talk and associate with these people in real life experience gave the edge to interact with any specters that might be encountered in our expeditions. Knowing how to talk to these possible ghosts may put them at ease and make a bridge for an open dialog.
 The "CURSED" book series is an investigation into the paranormal, the unexplained, local lore and upholds the preservation of history, culture and architectural landmarks.
 How it differs from what is already out there:
 Many of the popular Non-Fictional Ghost/Paranormal TV shows (for entertainment purposes) have been glamorized and have producers on board that feel they ''have to" present something paranormal to the audience and have a tenancy to add in false items to spice the story up and to mislead the viewers. The reality of the situation is 90% of the time when a "haunted" location is investigated nothing happens. When we visit a location we educate ourselves prior to the visit concerning the story behind the lore and take it into account and attempt to either confirm or disprove the different stories, and usually there are several different versions of the same legend. Whether the stories are true or false and regardless of the lore and possible tales of hauntings, we always document what we find thru photos, videos and draft up a report of what may have occurred for public record and for the "CURSED" version of the book. "CURSED" also is not limited to "ghost hunting" as many of the current TV shows are, we also believe in preserving our local legends and history. Many of the former Asylums ( and abandoned buildings) are considered an eyesore and a burden to the community, so investors and people with no appreciation for history come in and buy the land up to use for strip malls, super stores or condos, effectively destroying all the history and lore that might have been associated with the location.
 Yes it is "fun" to go on urban explorations through old abandoned buildings and landmarks to see what can be found, but it is also important to not deface or damage the property like so many prior that vandalize the locations. Respect the location and the neighbors that may be adjacent to the location that you are exploring. Many locations that are visited have strict "No Trespassing" rules put in effect by the local police (or County Sheriff) due to many "troublemakers" flocking to the areas after hearing about it from popular magazines or TV shows, and sometimes that does ruin it for the investigators that are there simply to observe and document the place before it gets torn down by modern convenience.
 Our primary scope of location is Southern New Jersey since that is where we are based out of, but we have been invited and will also document other locations. We are not limited by geographical constraints.
 Chris Chaos of Axis Video/Pine Barren Films
 TOPICS and locations included in the book are:

Qualifications of an investigator
HOLY HOLY HOLY Altar” Mount Holly, NJ
The Fairview/Edgewater Abandoned Trail Tunnel” NJ
Gloucester City Ghost investigation” Gloucester City, NJ
THE HANGING TREE” Presidential Lakes, NJ
Paulinskill Viaduct” NJ
Walpack Center” Walpack, NJ
Shades of Death Road” NJ
Ghost Lake” NJ
The Fairy Hole” NJ
Jenny Jump” NJ
What is the deal with ghosts and doors?”
The 1754 Mount Holly Farmhouse Massacre” Mount Holly, NJ
A Word About EVPs”
Menantico Colony of Vineland” Vineland, NJ
The Devil’s Tower” Alpine, NJ
THE PURGATORY HOUSE/ROAD” Route 70 and Purgatory Road Vincentown, NJ
Palace of Depression”, Vineland NJ
Profanity House” Allamuchy, NJ
Lambertville High School”, Lambertville NJ
The Mary Ellis Grave” New Brunswick, NJ
Zurbrugg”, Riverside NJ
Leeds Point”, NJ
Atison” NJ
SKILLMAN Psych Center and grave yard NJ
WITCHCRAFT ROAD, Viginville, PA 3.06.13
Batsto Village, New Jersey (3.10.13)
Emilio Carranza Crash Monument Tabernacle NJ
"The Oaklyn Suicide Nazi Tree" Oaklyn, NJ
The Haddon Lake Curse” Haddon Heights, NJ
 If you would like to purchase the book here are the details:
 Cursed: An Explanation of the Unknown
Authored by Mr Chris Chaos, Contributions by Ms Chrissy McManis
 8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
Full Color on White paper
50 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1494233945 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1494233940
BISAC: Travel / United States / General
 Follow the books progress here:

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