Wednesday, November 12, 2014


by Chris Chaos

Meet young Jimmy..the social loafer. (SOCIAL LOAFING: The tendency for people to exert less effort when they pool their efforts towards a common goal than when they are individually accountable.)

Young Jimmy just turned 5 years old and is in kindergarten, he also noticed that the teacher graded his class collectively as a group and not on individualistic accomplishments. He soon realized that he could slack off and let the rest of the class do all the hard work and that he could do bare minimal since it did not matter if he worked hard or just sat around, he would be rewarded the same. His thoughts were, "Why should I work hard and wear myself out when I can take a step back and let the rest of my fellow classmates do the work. Besides, either way, I will get the same grade."

There are 15 kids in the classroom all working to complete the assignment. In the name of fairness so that none of he students gets their feelings hurt no one is punished for not contributing and everyone is rewarded for getting the task complete regardless of how much effort one puts forth. Each kid will get a trophy despite if they did all the work, or were simply just a free rider. (FREE RIDERS: People who benefit from the group but give little in return.)

The parasite little jimmy
This situational classroom unintentionally welcomed freeloaders due to not looking at individual achievements. Quietly building a slack off mentality that one day would eventually enter the work force and stagnate the world forever. The mindset and society that this backwards thinking is producing a nation that is fast becoming a paradise for parasites.

Under the old regiment only the students that excelled, completed their assignments and achieved actually got rewarded. That caused the students that performed sub-par to resent the brighter and more intelligent students causing a backlash between the students with the various academic skills. So people feeling sorry for the underdog and instead of just encouraging the sub-par students to work harder, started rewarding everyone, from the smartest kid in the classroom all the way down to the kid that refused to participate in the activities.

This in turn diminished achievements, lowered IQ and all students started to slack off since their was no incentive to try or to do what is right. All students leveled out at a lower IQ and made the job easier for the teachers and staff since even they themselves no longer had to try and do their job.

The end result was rewarding everyone, concentrating on the underachievers and ignoring the more brighter students thus dulling results down. A populous that was easy to control and manipulate.

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