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Ghost Girl Photo, Texas (Sept 2012)

 by Chris Chaos

This is a cellphone photo snapped in someone's bedroom. At 1st glance the photo appears to have a blurred image of a girl floating in the room. The lady that sent me this photo states that her brother took this photo and it has been unaltered from the original. She also stated that her brother is not tech savvy and has no access to photoshop or other photo editing programs.

I asked her what she thinks is in the photo and this is what she stated, "I KNOW its a demon, dressing up as a little girl to seem harmless & arouse curiosity, to get it to "engage" someone to reek havoc." She also stated that there were many changes in the house (remodeling) which has stirred up activity and that the "main source of food" for this demon was her spouse, but he is no longer in this particular house.
The house is owned by a family member (of this fore mentioned lady) and the last time she stayed in her childhood room and slept in her own bed she heard the demon whispering to her as she slept and that apparently triggered something, because that is what kicked off all the really weird events.

The house itself is known by all the locals in town to be "possessed", some people in town refuse to drive near the house due to the bad feelings that they get.

The back story prior to when this photo was taken....The ladies brother was trying to sleep and could not, and because he also feels that the house is possessed he started sprinkling Holy Water and asking for the demon to get out and leave the family alone. He then proceeds to take several pics with his camera phone and nothing happens until this photo was taken. She also stated that this demon has appeared in the past in both a dragon and snake form.

Upon receiving this photo by email I was very skeptical of the image and it just didn't look legitimate. I loaded the photo into several photo editing programs to look for any evidence of tampering and here are the findings:

I did not immediately see any evidence of tampering once I zoomed in and added different filters. So if someone did Photoshop this image, it was just a simple copy and paste one layer on top of the backdrop. There are some free apps (for cell phones) that are readily available that you can add images to existing photos and this one of the ghost girl appears to be just that.

One of the things that bothers me about the pic is the photo is taken looking up at an angle, as if the photographer is sitting down, but the figure is just about perfectly facing the camera but with the head slightly turned, look at the shoulders. Kind of odd that the figure is just TOO perfectly facing the camera. So that would mean that the ghost girl in the photo would be up higher than the photographer and angled looking down. You can also see that the ghost girl is transparent.

While inspecting the photo in detail using the photo editing programs: when you zoom into the fan blade and edge of the mirror they are pretty sharp in resolution and contrast, but the object that appears to be a girl is very soft and blurred. Now I know that many conceptions pertaining to ghosts are that they are misty and transparent. I do not believe this to be the case since in theory a ghost would never be able to take on the physical form of a human, scientifically speaking a ghost would be unused matter and take on the form and have the traits of wind, electricity or some other naturally occurring form of energy. Many people that enjoy the paranormal but are not scientifically minded seem to forget the laws of science and try to give spirits human traits. They also have a tendency to explain something that is unknown with something else that might be unknown when in most circumstances with a little experimentation and determination, the answer can logically be explained. If you are looking for a ghost, you will find a ghost, if you are looking for an alien, then you will find an alien, you usually find what you are looking for, or so your mind will tell you so.

So with all the information provided and research conducted I would have to say that logically the ghost girl in the photo was added by someone and is not an apparition.

I received an update from the person that originally supplied me with the photo and the story…After this article went live and she read it, she contacted me with the following update:

“So months AFTER the fact, maybe even like a year? My brother in law admitted it was an app he used. He used the app to take the pic and scare his wife from ever going to my in-laws house….btw, at the time he was a strung out meth-head; if that helps at all. SMH Sorry I wasted your time with this photo. However the house IS over-run with demons & that bedroom as well as the one next to it are still the hotspot of activity. Also, my inlaws confirmed that shortly AFTER this “fake” photo…they (my in laws) were seeing “ghosts” roaming thru the house, mostly in the dining room/kitchen/spare room areas & that they would flick the lights and other such “ghostly” things. Johnny (my BIL) is a flake &either a current or recovering meth head. When they sent this to me – I thought he had been clean for quite some time; but I later found out (around the same time I found out the photo was fake) that the reason he moved back home instead of living with his wife, was because he was strung out. NOW, being strung out on meth & seeing ACTUAL demons is a whole other story – because THAT SHIT HAPPENS.”

(Chris Chaos is a long time resident of South Jersey who once again resides in and writes from Gloucester City, New Jersey.  He is a filmmaker, a business owner, writer, urban explorer and investigator of the odd and weird, a proud parent, happily taken and a connoisseur of hot wings. Chris can be reached at 

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